• Elesti's Story

    The beginning

    Once upon a time, aeons upon aeons ago, a baby-goddess was found by Hermes himself in a half-broken amphorae’s at the foot of mount Olympus. The infant was taken to the summit, and the twelve gods gathered around it, to decide her fate. It was a baby girl. The fact that this was a new goddess, was indisputable.

  • An Unwanted Child

    Where did the infant come from? Who had left it there? Who were her parents?

    Suspicious looks flew around between the twelve gods at the holy temple. It was not the mystery of the child’s past that concerned them all, but the uncertainty that she brought with her about their own future . None of them could forget what happened between Kronos and Uranos, his father. How there was a morbid tradition in the lineage of the gods that each new generation should put the previous one under the sword.

    If they were to be certain about their own future, the twelve gods could not allow the infant to grow up amongst them, or amongst people. The had, somehow, to make her disappear for good. But how? This was an immortal. Nor the quick-minded Hermes, neither the wise Athena could find a solution to their problem. It was Hera, driven by female spite that gave birth to the idea which would seal the baby-girl's fate forever.

  • The Unholy Plan

    They agreed to create a new world, completely void, especially for the infant. They would put the infant inside this world and then seal the door between it and the rest of the universe forever.

    The little goddess would grow in there alone, completely isolated in an empty parallel world forever. Trapped in absolute, eternal darkness, her godly powers would at best atrophy, and her horizon diminish.

    They would even wipe all memory of her from their own minds, so that she would be lost to everyone, forever.

  • The Unexpected Benefactor

    And so the proceeded with their unholy plan. Only, moments before Hermes and Zeus sealed the door between their world and the world that was to be Elesti’s tomb, a giant shapeshifting wolf, Mentor, sent by an unknown force entered her world with her.

  • A Burning Desire

    For aeons and aeons Elesti grew until she became a beautiful young goddess. With only Mentor at her side, what nature the gods had bestowed onto her world, and the fruits of her own evolving divine powers, Elesti eventually managed to gain some contact - and some influence - with the outside world. Her burning desire, to escape her isolation, to tell the world the truth, about what kind of gods it is that they allow to rule their lives, that they would lock their own child in an alternate dimension and forget about it, leave it there to wither and die. But most of all, to tell everyone about her world, tell her story, have her voice be heard.

  • A Newfound Purpose

    For millennia after she gained access to the window of the other world, the most painful torture she had to endure was not be able to see and hear everyone, but not be seen, heard, touched.Her efforts to contact the outside world so far have shown that grown ups are far beyond her reach, and that her only hope was to connect with the children.

  • The Adventure Begins