Leonidas Kossis

Leonidas has studied Applied Mathematics and Business Administration in America and England. He has worked for approximately ten years in the field of publishing, advertising, and audio and video production for the Internet, television and cinema, with the emphasis on creating 3D graphics before turning to his original call, writing.

Over the last fifteen years he has systematically studied internal philosophy texts and has been trained in meditation, psycho-energetic therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. At the same time he has been amateur with music.

His problem, he argues, is that he "lives in one's own world", whom he not only does not intend to abandon but insists on promoting and displaying in any way, preferably through art.

His dream but also his ultimate goal is to be able to touch positively and essentially the mind and the heart of the people around him, but also in the broader sense. "Eletis" is probably his most sincere and immediate effort to make this dream a reality.